Category: Military

Belleville Mini-Mil TR105

The Belleville TR105 Mini-Mil features unlined cattlehide leather and Cordura nylon and an an athletic, minimalist design. This boot features a 2mm differential between the heel and forefoot. The Vibram Tarsus outsole is oil-resistant, slip-resistant and up for anything. Its micro-lugs shed mud and debris with ease. THE TR105 is designed specifically for the conditioned […]

L800 Series Aetrex Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic insoles can often mean the difference between being comfortable or being in pain- they control the alignment of your foot inside the shoe. If you need more cushion, or more support, orthotic insoles make a huge difference. The Aetrex L800 TRAIN insoles are the most popular Aetrex insoles we sell. Aetrex 800-series Train Orthotics […]

Men’s Hoka Arahi 6

Lightweight. Stable. Unmatched. Surprisingly light for stability shoe, the Arahi 6 returns grounded in the same stabilizing J-Frame™ as its predecessor. Boasting a seemingly contradictory combination of maximal cushioning and minimal weight, it’s been refined with a pull tab and mesh upper with zones of breathability. Remarkably light and exceptionally comfortable, the Arahi 6 is […]