Category: Insoles

  • L800 Series Aetrex Orthotic Insoles

    Orthotic insoles can often mean the difference between being comfortable or being in pain- they control the alignment of your foot inside the shoe. If you need more cushion, or more support, orthotic insoles make a huge difference. The Aetrex L800 TRAIN insoles are the most popular Aetrex insoles we sell. Aetrex 800-series Train Orthotics…

  • Cadence Insoles

    Cadence insoles provide contoured support with enhanced shock absorbing comfort in the heel and forefoot Hours: Monday-Thursday 10-7 Christmas Eve 10-5 Closed Christmas Day Sunday 12-5 We are still doing curbside pickup and outside fittings if you don’t feel comfortable coming in the store. We also have a nice outdoor seating area! Please call 706-322-3552…

  • Cadence Insoles

    Cadence inserts help alleviate and prevent common injuries. It can help plantar fasciitis, shin splints, iliotibial band syndrome in addition to other conditions. (BUY THIS ITEM ONLINE)