Author: Mike Edwards

  • Black Leopard OOFos OOahh Luxe Slide

    This colorful Black Leopard Print OOahh Luxe Slide also features revolutionary OOfoam™ technology that absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear foam materials to reduce the stress on your feet and joints. This technology aids in the recovery process and creates an incredibly comfortable sandal you can wear anywhere. Our Luxe treatment features hand-painted details that…

  • Lowa R-8S GTX Patrol Boot

    Lowa R-8S GTX Patrol Boot

    The Lowa R-8S Patrol boot is AR 670-1 compliant and feature-rich. Made in Europe.

  • Favorite Vibrating Massage Rollers

    Favorite Vibrating Massage Rollers

    Searching for a good vibration roller? These 3 will take your workout and recoveries to the next level.