Run’s Done Car Seat Cover For Runners and Active Lifestyles

The only thing worse than stinking up your vehicle with post-workout sweat is smelling it the next day. Wiping down leather seats afterwards is time-consuming and forget about cleaning cloth seats that are soaked every post-run ride home. Maybe you’ve tried using a bath towel to cover your car seat but it won’t stay put on your seat. Maybe you’ve tried other seat cover solutions but found them cumbersome to install. THIS IS THE SOLUTION!

 Run’s Done Car Seat Cover is a protective car seat cover that is soft, antimicrobial, and quick-drying. It protects your car seat from perspiration, dirt and odor. The non-slip backing keeps it in place on your seat without any straps thanks to specially-designed non-slip drops embedded into the fabric to grip it firmly in place on leather or cloth vehicle seats. Easy to install and harmless to your vehicle’s interior. The universal fit measures 31″ X 50″. And it’s machine washable for extended everyday use.

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