Minimal Shoes by Merrell

Run Road Glove Dash for women $99.95.These barefoot shoes are specifically designed for running naturally on hard surfaces. A lightweight, zero-drop platform and super snug-fitting mesh upper helps align your body over the mid-foot to find your optimal natural running form and strengthen muscles.

Crush Glove for women $99.95 This barefoot-true shoe will crush your workouts. The shoe features a 0mm drop from toe-to-heel and uniform cushioning to buffer impacts while still letting your feet land flat. The sole is flexible and has tacky Chrysalis Glove Vibram traction.

Crush Glove

Bare Access Arc 2 for women and men $89.95 You want the feel of barefoot, but also some cushioning? This shoe adds uniform toe to heel cushioning that buffers impacts while still letting your foot land flat. Lightweight and low-cut, this is perfect for transitioning to barefoot, and features a synthetic leather and breathable mesh upper with rear heel stability. The feather-light construction adds to your foot freedom.

Bare Access Arc 2 - women

Bare Access Arc 2 - men

Proterra Sport for men $99.95

This hiking shoe is ultra lightweight and feels like second skin with its revolutionary glove-like upper. Its designed for optimal natural movement and eliminates bulky construction.  The low profile midsole delivers more heel to toe ground contact for enhanced control and agility, and low bulk, carved-out reverse lugs flex for infallible traction.

Proterra Sport



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