Merrell All Out Fuse Running Shoes

The Merrell All Out Fuse is a great feeling running shoe very similar to the Bare Access, but with a little bit more cushioning. The 8-ounce Merrell All Out Fuse has a 6mm heel-to-toe drop and feels responsive, light and flexible. This shoe can also be washed on the ‘gentle’ cycle of your washing machine, but it has Merrell’s odor-control properties built in.








Th M Select GRIPĀ outsole provides great traction on a wide variety of terrain.









The All Out Fuse has more cushion than the zero-drops, and you will feel that extra little bit when you’re running on the trails (or road). The 6mm drop gives a bit of heel lift without compromising the minimal feel. To us, this shoe still feels very light and responsive. This shoe is definitely a winner. MSRP is $110 for the All Out Fuse.


2 thoughts on “Merrell All Out Fuse Running Shoes”

  1. Thanks for the AllOut Fuse review. Would you say the sizing is the same as in the Bare Access 2/3?

  2. Yes, the sizing is very similar – Mike

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