Men’s and Women’s Brooks Ghost 5 at Below The Knee

Looking for a great neutral training shoe? If you’re an avid runner or simply looking for a great shoe to walk in, look no further than the Brooks Ghost 5.

Like the Ghost 3 and 4, the Ghost 5 was deemed “Editor’s Choice” in Runner’s World’s Fall 2012 Shoe Guide in the September issue. Runner’s World described the Ghost 5 as “a versatile shoe that can handle whatever workouts you throw at it” and noted that the Ghost “remains fairly lightweight with a soft heel and relatively firm forefoot, which gives wearers a fast feel.” One wear tester said “I didn’t have that ‘squishy’ feeling I sometimes experience with cushioned shoes.” Another said, “The Ghost 5 has excellent cushioning—cement feels like blacktop, blacktop feels like grass, grass feels like clouds! I was able to feel the ground just fine for a strong ride.”

We say the Ghost 5 is so supremely smooth and impeccably balanced, it’s scary.  This shoe hits the sweet spot for a wide range of Neutral runners with a finely crafted Caterpillar Crash Pad and anatomical Brooks DNA.

Men's and Women's Brooks Ghost 5

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