Interesting Facts About Former Below The Knee Employees

Below The Knee has been around for more than 35 years. We’ve had hundreds of full-time and part-time employees, including some who:

  • pitched in the World Series
  • played in the NFL
  • played in the CFL
  • played in the WNBA
  • ran in the Olympic Trials
  • were college All-Americans
  • ran across the United States
  • ran a 13:20 5K
  • ran in the Olympics
  • went into the Army World Class Athlete Program
  • enlisted in the Army, or Marines, or Navy
  • are now active duty Army Officers
  • are high school coaches
  • are high school teachers
  • are special education teachers

We’re extremely blessed to have had such an amazing array of great people working with us at Below The Knee.

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