Early Saturday Morning Running Group

We’re about 13 weeks away from the Soldier Marathon and Half Marathon, so a small group of us are meeting early on Saturday mornings to do our long runs. We meet at 6am near the National Infantry Museum, in the bus turnaround area on South Lumpkin Road . Below The Knee provides ice & water. So far the group has averaged about 8-10 people on any given Saturday morning, but we have runners come and go each weekend. We’ve had runners from out of state training up for their local marathons come join us, and we’ve had new runners join us to beat the heat and run the Riverwalk early.

If you’re looking for an inclusive, very informal group run on Saturday mornings, meet us at the National Infantry Museum at 6am. We start out together and then break up into several smaller groups based on distance and pace. It’s easy, it’s fun.

Here’s a shot of part of the group from this past Saturday:

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