Children’s Shoes

We’ve made a great start with children’s shoes! Our selection of kid’s shoes is growing every day.  Here’s Mike fitting Fischer Edwards of Fort Riley, KS in a pair of kid’s Keen sandals:

2 thoughts on “Children’s Shoes”

  1. Do you still sell children’s shoes? Our 12-year-old son wears size 6.5 or 7. He’s a pronator, and it seems to have gotten worse as his current shoes have worn down. We’re not necessarily looking for running shoes, just everyday ones that he would also use for PE.

  2. Yes, we sell children’s shoes. If your son pronates, the best shoes will be a running shoe designed for a pronator, since it would provide the best medial support. If not, consider getting a Superfeet insole which you could use in all his shoes, and that would provide medial support and your son could wear it in the shoes he likes to wear to school. – Mike

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