Brooks PureFlow 6 Running Shoes

 The Pure Flow is a part of Brooks’ Run Signature collection of running shoes. The Run Signature philosophy started with research during the US 2012 Olympic 10K Trials which proved that all every elite athlete competing in the 10K trials had different foot strikes and therefore ran differently. To accommodate all the differences, Brooks developed 4 different Run Signature shoe categories: Cushion, Energize, Connect, and Speed.
The Pure Flow is part of the Connect group, designed for the runner wanting the most natural experience.The Pure Flow is designed to let you feel the ground enough to let your feet do the work, yet to have enough cushion to protect your feet and be soft and forgiving enough to use as a daily trainer.

In keeping with this, you can see that the Pure Flow is an extremely flexible shoe. The forefoot area flexes easily, and you can see where the flex grooves run deeply up into the strobel area of the shoe. It’s also a little wider and more rounded to allow your foot to splay out when you land.
There’s a single, seamless upper with inked in designs and a traditional tongue. The heel is rounded to assist runners during the early part of the gait cycle when your foot first hits the ground, so more like if you were running barefoot.
With an updated seamless upper that offers style and comfort, the  PureFlow 6 plush underfoot so you get a natural feel while protecting your feet from impact. Take this lightweight, agile shoe out for a spin and make the most of your natural stride. We carry this shoe in Men’s and Women’s versions, and it retails for $100.
mpureflow6 wpureflow6
  • Arch: Medium, High
  • Surface: Road/Track
  • Launch Date: January 1, 2017
  • Weight: 7.5 oz
  • Midsole Drop: 4 mm
  • Support Level: Neutral

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