Fit Process

We’ve been matching people with shoes and boots for over 30 years.   Sometimes you know exactly what you want, but sometimes you aren’t sure and want to go through the entire fitting process.

First, we look at your arches on our Aetrex machine:

Looking at arch type & pressure points

After that, we measure your feet correctly using a Brannock device. More than half of our customers are in the wrong size shoes. If you haven’t had your feet measured recently, you owe it to yourself to have it done.

Brannock Device

If you’re considering a running or walking shoe, we’ll ask if can watch you walk or run in a pair of very neutral (no guidance features in the shoes) shoes to see how your feet move. We’ll videotape this, and you’ll be able to watch the video in ultra-slow motion to see for yourself what’s going on with your feet.

[youtube fT-S573okmM]

Once that’s finished, we will try on some shoes that are a match for your foot type.

2 thoughts on “Fit Process”

  1. Hi,
    My name is Jake Hackett and I live in Albany, GA. I’ve heard that your staff can help me with my running form and advise me what kind of shoes would fit me best. About a year ago, I added running to my many other fitness endeavors. When I first began, I was averaging 30+ miles/week. These last six months have brought intense shin splints, calf pain, and numbness. I have ran in sketchers go-runs, brooks trance, and Newton distance S. Even with using compression socks and taking time off, I can’t shake the pain. I’m in great cardio-shape but weightlifting has made me top heavy. I’m also fairly bowlegged and think I overpronate. I’m looking for a store that can see me run, look at the wear on my old shoes, and give me some expert advice.
    Thanks in advance,

  2. Jake, sounds like you are having a rough time of it! Yes, please come in with your old shoes. We’ll fit you and tape you on the treadmill (or outdoors) and try to figure out what’s happening. A lot of pronators out there but not too many bowlegged ones! Hope to see you soon. -Mike

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